Why Safepay?

SafePay Systems Limited was established in 1997. During the years the company became a recognized expert of mobile financial services and secure contactless technology. The company has expertise and proven track record in consulting, as well as in system design, implementation and integration.

SafePay has designed, developed and implemented mobile banking applications and mobile payment services in a number of countries in Europe and Asia, as well as launched multiple pilot operations for managed secure mobile services. SafePay is a leading expert in its operating domains.

SafePay holds several patents, and patent applications. The company has IP rights in mobile payment, mobile banking, clearing procedures, mobile money transfer, mobile bank card transactions, post issuance management and NFC wallet operation. The trademarks SEMOPS, StoLPaN and “mobile touch” also belong to SafePay.

SafePay Systems has a strong focus on future oriented technologies and activities. Consequently the company plays an active role in European research programs. The company participated in several research and innovation projects in FP5, FP6, FP7, eTen and CIP programs of the European Commission.