Platform independence

SafePay implements its services on all major mobile platforms: Android, IoS and Windows.


For remote communication primarily mobile broadband data channels are used – GPRS, 3G, 4G –, however for service registration SMS may also be an option.
For proximity communication we use all three operating modes – read-write, card emulation, P2P -of NFC, as well as BLE.


Secure mobile services are implemented for Secure Elements based architecture, as well as for Host Card Emulation (HCE). In respect of Secure Elements all form factors are supported, including UICC, microSD, embedded Secure Element, and also external plastic chip cards. (iPhones for the time being do not allow access to their embedded Secure Element.) In terms of communication security, besides https, end-to-end security is ensured by content encryption, using PKI – equal strength on all communication channels – which satisfies even the most stringent banking requirements and surpasses the protection level of most internet banking applications.

Managed services

For most of our mobile applications and services we also provide back office management capabilities. All architectures are robust, scalable and secure.