With the patent pending, PCIDSS certified iCheque service, bankcard holders can use their bankcards for remote mobile payment transactions.

The service is suitable for making payment for e-invoices received on the phone, or for paper invoices which have QR codes representing the invoice details. The service is secure and convenient – a unique combination!

  • As for convenience, any number of bankcards can be securely stored, RSA encrypted, in the mobile phones, so there is no need to retype the card details for every transaction. For each payment customers may select which card they wish to use.
  • In terms of security the service combines 2 factor (the phone and a PIN) personal authentication, with card authorization (using CVV, CVC and optionally AVS). Only merchants need to sign up with us for the service as on the customer side it is ready for use with the installation of the mobile application. The service is available on all major mobile platforms.