Based on its solid technical background, practical expertise and know-how, SafePay provides consultancy services in respect of mobility services and digital transformation.

Key target areas are:

  • Financial services - mobile payment, PSD2, 3D Secure 2.0

    The new legislations and technical developments provide great opportunities, but also create substantial challenges to both incumbents and new entrants. The broad experience of SafePay helps to identify and mitigate potential risk factors as well as also maximise the achievable benefits.

  • IoT security – FIDO, chip card management, security by design concepts

    The proliferation of IoT without adequate security poses immense threats to businesses and citizens alike. SafePay can provide assistance in finding the right balance between security, usability and economics.

  • Transport operations

    Public transportation needs to become smarter to streamline operations and provide better services to travellers and businesses. Prospective solutions are relying on those technologies of which SafePay is an expert, and has practical experience in their implementation.

  • Airline digitalisation

    Digital Revenue trends offer new possibilities for airlines to increase revenue and create shareholder value. During its product development work SafePay has acquired deep insight into the new trends and requirements: data analytics, digital touch points, upsell and cross sell opportunities, technologies.