CAPPGATE creates a new market – that of the secure mobile applications. Mobile phones are used for diverse purposes, but we never can be sure what happens with our data, information, transactions in the handset, as the phone is unprotected. CAPPGATE removes this threat. Using the service all sensitive data will be stored securely in a Secure Element in the phone – on the SIM card, on a smart microSD card, or in the built-in chip of the device.

Service providers, having registered for the cloud based service, can add the required security to their mobile applications. The applications can be installed from the app. markets to the phone and the secure component will be loaded in the background, real time, unnoticeable for the customer.

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For Secure Element Issuers we provide a module (see Products) where the chip card, or a part of it (security domain) may be registered, which we will market and manage on behalf of the owner of chip. Owners can be anyone, Mobile Network Operators, handset manufacturers, or the end-users of the microSD card.

With CAPPGATE we break the deadlock which caused many of the early NFC services fail. We open the market and let any service provider reach any of their potential customers, and any users to install any services they like. CAPPGATE supports not only the traditionally known proximity NFC services like payment, ticketing, and access control, but also secure remote mobile services like virtual access control, PKI authentication, remote monitoring (health, property) and many of the IoT use cases including smart metering and connected cars.