Smart Retail

SafePay and its partners have elaborated the smart retail service based on NFC and/or barcode technology. The goal was to make the traditional in-store shopping experience more convenient, informative and pleasant for the customers and more economic and efficient for the store operators.

When elaborating the new shopping technology we wanted to remove all bottlenecks from the present shopping process, as well as to design a solution that can be introduced step by step, and which can also be used in the present barcode based environment.

The smart retail service based on a mobile application lets customers constantly monitor how much they spend, can provide detailed product information, can make purchase recommendations, allows customers to make queries on products they wish to buy, and informs them about the exact location of the products sought.  The solution integrates the loyalty operation of the store with the shopping operation, including transaction history comparison with real-time basket analysis. This feature provides analytical information for the store about the customers’ activity, allowing real time, personalized communication with the shoppers.

The mobile application also works as a self check-out terminal removing the lines in front off the cashier desks.